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Deploy FastAPI on AWS Part 1: Lambda & API Gateway

Ever wondered how easy it is to deploy FastAPI on AWS? In this post I will show you how to create a minimal API application, how to test it locally, and finally how to deploy it on AWS Lambda & AWS API Gateway using AWS SAM.

Setup a CI/CD pipeline for AWS SAM with GitHub Actions

Whenever I start a new AWS SAM project I usually start from a previous project. To help my future self, and hopefully you, I have created a GitHub template repository to easily get started with a new project powered by AWS SAM and GitHub actions.

Auto-approve CodePipeline with Lambda


CodePipeline by AWS is a great tool for setting up Continuous Delivery (or Deployment). It can, as an example, be used to automatically deploy your CloudFormation stacks to different environments on every push to your VCS. Chaining multiple stacks in a CodePipeline stage is easy and allows you to have one central view where you can see the status of your current release as it progresses through different stages.