Auto-approve CodePipeline with Lambda

CodePipeline by AWS is a great tool for setting up Continuous Delivery (or Deployment). It can, as an example, be used to automatically deploy your CloudFormation stacks to different environments on every push to your VCS. Chaining multiple stacks in a CodePipeline stage is easy and allows you to have one central view where you can see the status of your current release as it progresses through different stages.

For your most critical stacks in production you might require a manual approval step where someone or something decides if a release should be rolled out to the public. These approvals can, however, quickly become tedious and slow you down if you have a lot of them. It can be especially annoying if you have to approve a stack that was left unchanged by the current release (i.e. the resulting change set is empty). Lets add a bit of automation to these approval actions to automatically approve a stack if the change set is empty.

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Game Release Checklist

As you might have noticed I’m a hobbyist game developer and I have several games published on Google Play Store. I recently had a tiny game idea involving a timer and decided to try and develop and publish a game in less than 24 hours of work. Did I succeed? Yes. Did the game turn out to be fun? Not really, no. Check out the game here.

Part of what makes the process of developing and releasing a game this quick is an extensive template I have developed that I always start from. But there are also a bunch of stuff that needs to be done when going from development to a published app. Here I have gathered a checklist with the steps I always take.

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Say hello to

I finally found a reason to buy, to give this blog a proper home. The setup through GitHub Pages was dead simple and SSL works out of the box. Fantastic! For anyone else interested in setting up their own blog, below is the high-level setup of mine.

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Hello World

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
    fmt.Println("hello world")

Welcome! This is the first post on this blog so I guess an introduction is in order. My name is Elias Brange, and I am currently working as a Cloud Developer in Lund, Sweden.

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