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Level up your Lambda Game with Canary Deployments

Do you often hear people advocating "testing in production" and wonder how that is possible? One piece of the puzzle is canary deployments. This SST-focused tutorial will teach you how to implement canary deployments using AWS CodeDeploy and Lambda aliases.

Debug item-level modifications in DynamoDB with EventBridge Pipes and CloudWatch


Debugging applications that write to DynamoDB just got a lot easier. Learn how to use the newly released EventBridge pipes to log all item-level modifications in a DynamoDB table to a CloudWatch log group, for debugging or audit purposes.

Migrate DynamoDB tables with zero downtime and no data loss


Learn how to migrate DynamoDB tables with zero downtime and no data loss. AWS recently released new functionality to ease migrations with native imports from S3. There are a lot of guides on how to do this with ClickOps. But, I prefer to use an Infrastructure-as-Code tool such as AWS CDK to manage my resources. While digging around, I found yet-to-be-announced functionality in CloudFormation to do this.

How To Separate Your Serverless Infrastructure


Continuously adding services and resources without thinking about separation can lead to a tangled web of Lambda functions, DynamoDB tables, API Gateways, SQS Queues, and other services. Learn how to separate your serverless infrastructure into more manageable chunks, using CloudFormation Outputs and SSM parameters. See examples for AWS CDK, AWS SAM, Serverless Framework, and Terraform.

Automatically generate grocery list with Trello and AWS Lambda

I use Trello for all kinds of personal stuff, one of which is keeping track of recipes and grocery lists. After planning which meals to cook and buy groceries for, a lot of manual work goes into checking every recipe and adding the ingredients to the grocery shopping list. Manual stuff is tedious, so I automated it with AWS Lambda. Read on to find out how!

Secure AWS deploys from GitHub Actions with OIDC


Long gone are the days when you had to keep long-lived access keys in your CI/CD pipelines to deploy to AWS. Learn how to use GitHub Actions and OIDC to securely deploy to AWS

Observability Best Practices when running FastAPI in a Lambda

Serverless makes it incredibly easy to get an API up and running in record time. But how do you achieve a high level of observability in a distributed architecture? In this post, we will be looking at instrumenting logging, metrics, and tracing capabilities for a FastAPI application using AWS Lambda Powertools for Python.

AWS Recipe: Build an Asynchronous Serverless Task API

In this article, you will learn how to build an asynchronous serverless task API from scratch on AWS using Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, SQS, and SNS. The Lambda functions will be implemented in Python, and the REST API will use the FastAPI framework. The entire application will be deployed using AWS SAM.

I'm now an AWS Community Builder


I'm happy to announce that I just received an invite to join the AWS Community Builder community. I'm really looking forward to meet the community and deepening (and share) my knowledge around AWS and especially the Serverless parts, which is the group I will be part of.

Deploy FastAPI on AWS Part 2: Fargate & ALB

In the previous part you learned how to deploy FastAPI on Lambda. This time we will use containers, but still in a serverless fashion. Read on to learn how to deploy a FastAPI application on AWS Fargate behind an Application Load Balancer using AWS CDK.