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Deploy Hono Lambdalith APIs with Lambda Function URLs and CloudFront OAC

| #AWS #Serverless

Learn how to build a Lambdalith API with Hono and deploy it with Lambda Function URLs and CloudFront, using OAC and bearer authentication to restrict access. Compared to REST API Gateway, you can save up to 66.7% of the cost.

An opinionated approach to building serverless APIs

| #AWS #Serverless

There are countless ways to build serverless APIs. You can use single-purpose Lambda functions, monolithic Lambdaliths, or a mix of both. In this post, I share an opinionated and pragmatic approach that I've found to work well for me.

Build a Simple URL Shortener with CloudFront KeyValueStore

Learn how to use CloudFront functions and the newly released CloudFront KeyValueStore to build a simple and fully serverless URL shortener.

Consolidate your Lambda Logs in CloudWatch

| #AWS #Serverless

Learn how to use the newly released advanced logging controls to consolidate your Lambda logs into a single log group. This overcomes one of the most painful aspects of CloudWatch Logs Insights: combing through hundreds of Log groups.

Test Event-Driven Architectures with AWS EventBridge and Momento Topics

Testing Serverless applications end-to-end is difficult. Testing distributed systems is difficult. But with the right tools, it can be made easier. Learn how to use Momento Topics to test that your application(s) produces the EventBridge events you expect.

Implementing the Transactional Outbox Pattern for Serverless Domain Events

Learn how to reliably publish domain events in Serverless applications using the Transactional Outbox Pattern. Get the reliability your events deserve with DynamoDB Streams and Transactions while keeping your domain layer clean and complexity low.

Level up your Lambda Game with Canary Deployments

Do you often hear people advocating "testing in production" and wonder how that is possible? One piece of the puzzle is canary deployments. This SST-focused tutorial will teach you how to implement canary deployments using AWS CodeDeploy and Lambda aliases.

Debug item-level modifications in DynamoDB with EventBridge Pipes and CloudWatch

| #AWS #Serverless

Debugging applications that write to DynamoDB just got a lot easier. Learn how to use the newly released EventBridge pipes to log all item-level modifications in a DynamoDB table to a CloudWatch log group, for debugging or audit purposes.

Migrate DynamoDB tables with zero downtime and no data loss

| #AWS #Serverless

Learn how to migrate DynamoDB tables with zero downtime and no data loss. AWS recently released new functionality to ease migrations with native imports from S3. There are a lot of guides on how to do this with ClickOps. But, I prefer to use an Infrastructure-as-Code tool such as AWS CDK to manage my resources. While digging around, I found yet-to-be-announced functionality in CloudFormation to do this.

Automate Time-Sensitive Releases with Cloudflare Workers

Have you ever had to deploy a page to your site in a time-sensitive manner when a new product has gone live? Learn how you can automate such releases with Cloudflare Workers. Workers let you transform incoming requests before they hit your application.