My name is Elias Brange, and I am a Cloud Engineer by day and Hobbyist Game Developer by night. On this blog I will (try to) gather my thoughts and share stuff that I find interesting.

Want to get in touch? Try LinkedIn or elias.brange@gmail.com.


My cloud journey began in 2016, and what a journey it has been! Entering the industry when DevOps was the trendiest buzzword meant that I was able to fully embrace the culture it stands for from the get-go.

With 5+ years experience with AWS I have designed and implemented many different solutions and made sure they ran in a reliable, scalable and cost-efficient manner. But making sure everything runs smoothly is only half the battle. I find it extremely rewarding to design applications in a fashion that makes them easy to configure and deploy, as well as bringing them from code to production in a fast, safe and reproducible manner.

My language of choice that I use daily is Python I'm an avid Docker fan. I absolutely love programming but I am even more intrigued by what makes a development team (and entire organizations) effective. Everything from team structures in place, methodologies and tools used, and everything in between. A lot of my spare time goes into reading technical books, and especially books about Agile, Lean and DevOps practices.

Game Development

On my spare time I develop games for Android under the name Brulu Games. I have released 10+ games so far with the most successful one being Hazards which has 50k+ downloads. Not bad for a pet project, huh? The games are developed with a Java framework called LibGDX.

Working on the games alone means that I get to experience the complete process required to develop and publish a game. This includes everything from prototyping, development, testing, graphics, monetization, marketing, integrations, and much much more.