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Observability Best Practices when running FastAPI in a Lambda

Serverless makes it incredibly easy to get an API up and running in record time. But how do you achieve a high level of observability in a distributed architecture? In this post, we will be looking at instrumenting logging, metrics, and tracing capabilities for a FastAPI application using AWS Lambda Powertools for Python.

AWS Recipe: Build an Asynchronous Serverless Task API

In this article, you will learn how to build an asynchronous serverless task API from scratch on AWS using Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, SQS, and SNS. The Lambda functions will be implemented in Python, and the REST API will use the FastAPI framework. The entire application will be deployed using AWS SAM.

Deploy FastAPI on AWS Part 2: Fargate & ALB

In the previous part you learned how to deploy FastAPI on Lambda. This time we will use containers, but still in a serverless fashion. Read on to learn how to deploy a FastAPI application on AWS Fargate behind an Application Load Balancer using AWS CDK.

Deploy FastAPI on AWS Part 1: Lambda & API Gateway

Ever wondered how easy it is to deploy FastAPI on AWS? In this post I will show you how to create a minimal API application, how to test it locally, and finally how to deploy it on AWS Lambda & AWS API Gateway using AWS SAM.

Setup a CI/CD pipeline for AWS SAM with GitHub Actions

Whenever I start a new AWS SAM project I usually start from a previous project. To help my future self, and hopefully you, I have created a GitHub template repository to easily get started with a new project powered by AWS SAM and GitHub actions.